A slightly different direction


I am back.

If anyone has actually been checking up on this website, they’ll have realised by now that I haven’t been very active recently. At all. I have a number of excuses for this, but I’m going to be focusing on one in particular for the duration of this post.

I don’t want to call what I’ve been experiencing “writer’s block” because as a matter of fact, I’ve been writing a lot. I’ve been writing more during the past month than I have for years, and I’ve been finding genuine fulfillment in what I’ve been producing. It’s just that what I’ve written recently, doesn’t fit in at all with what I set out for this “blog” to be.

I’m not entirely sure what was going through my mind when I set out to become a blogger. Don’t get me wrong- I think blogging is great and I truly respect the people who do it. There are a number of blogs that I find extremely helpful and check almost religiously; I love reading blogs in French to improve my language skills, and I also adore the community aspect of blogging, particularly on WordPress as a platform. It makes my day to receive a heartfelt comment on a post, to build a connection with someone I would never otherwise encounter.

The thing is, blogging, or at least blogging in the way I’ve been thinking about it, really isn’t me.

It’s great to write about food and makeup. I find those posts really useful and interesting. What I’m more drawn to, though, what comes more naturally to me, is to write from the heart about my emotions and experiences. Things that excite me, things that anger me, things that I’m struggling with. I’ve written a few posts like that on this blog and although they haven’t gotten the most views, they’re the posts that I enjoyed writing the most by far.

I’ve also been writing more poetry, which is something I’ve been wanting to get back into for a really long time. I want to write short stories too, perhaps even plays and novels in the future. That’s what I’ll be focusing on with this website from now on, although I intend to write occasional more traditional blog posts like this one too.

I want to use this online space to foster my creativity in a different way. One that feels more true to who I am.

I’ll still always take an environmentally conscious angle as that’s something that I feel extremely strongly about, but I want to explore other subjects too.

I hope if anyone is actually reading this that they’ll stick around and be interested to see what I put out next.

I’m excited, even if I’m the only one.

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