My Battle to Become a Morning Person

It’s an endless struggle.

No matter how early I go to sleep, how many alarms I set, how much water I drink, I can never seem to drag myself out of bed before 10AM. Only if I have to go to work early, or have some kind of early appointment can I force myself to wake up before that time.

And even then it’s always a stressful affair.

I force feed myself breakfast, chug my green tea, and splash myself in the face with water so cold it gives the North Sea a run for it’s money.

In my state of early-morning stupor, I can barely get myself dressed, let alone do my makeup in a manner that looks halfway presentable. I give up on wearing contact lenses, I put my hair in a simple, boring braid and I throw myself out into the world, still not entirely sure of what the hell is going on.

I know I am not the only one who experiences this. I’ve just left my teenage years and, at my age, I’m aware that it’s almost normal to be this way. We need more sleep whilst our brains are still developing. It’s science… I think.

Nonetheless, I wish things were different.

I long to be one of those perfect girls who effortlessly hop out of bed at 7AM, and can leave the house by 8:30 looking like an off-duty Victoria’s Secret model.

I watch, in absolute awe, the endless stream of “morning routine” videos produced by all American, naturally tanned, picture perfect girls on YouTube.

Seeing the sun shine through the windows of their massive homes and watching their piano key smiles light up as they finish their fruit smoothies makes me all the more aware of the fact that I am a pasty witch on a rainy island, with slightly crooked teeth.

I know it’s unrealistic that I’ll be able to achieve a lifestyle like that any time soon (or ever), but I’m resolving to get one step closer to not looking like a gremlin at any time before noon.

I’m trying to train myself to wake up earlier. I hate feeling like I’m sleeping my life away. I really feel the significance of this in the winter months, when the sun sets at about 4/5pm. Waking up earlier and getting that extra two hours of sunlight would probably be good for my seasonal depression.

I also like to get things done in the space between breakfast and lunch. To get things over with, so I can focus on other stuff for the rest of the day. It would also be fantastic to feel like I have more time in the day, especially when I’m travelling.

And on days when I have to go to work early, waking up naturally without having to be jolted to consciousness by some hellish alarm would be an absolute game changer.

So I have made a promise to myself; to become a morning person, no matter what it takes.

Do you have any tips for waking up early? I’d love it if you could leave them in the comments below!

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