Vegan Food Recommendations For Kraków

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the vegan options in Kraków. It’s not a place that I would expect to find a lot of plant-based food, but my assumption of that was absolutely proven wrong upon arriving there. Although there aren’t a ton of vegan only restaurants, lots of vegetarian and even restaurants that serve meat provide delicious vegan options. Here are some of my favourite places that I came across during my visit:

Pod norenami
Located on the outskirts of old town, this vegetarian asian fusion restaurant serves lots of vegan items that are clearly listed and many can be made vegan on request. They also have gluten free options. A little on the pricier side for Poland but the restaurant is beautifully decorated, has a great atmosphere and the food is top quality. I had a kimchi fake meat and tofu soup which was gorgeous, and tempura fried sushi with avocado, cucumber, shitakke mushroom, carrot and vegan mayo.

Pizza place with build your own pizza, offers vegan mozzarella and a set vegan pizza. Easily located in old town, the pizza is made fresh in front of you.
I built my own pizza with chilli and tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella, jalapenos, mushrooms, black olives, and garlic olive oil. I also had this for breakfast, because I am an adult.

Adorable cafe that sells travel books, as well as books in Spanish. Located tucked away in an alleyway, this place serves coffee with oat milk and all baked goods are vegan.

Ka Udon
Asian restaurant specialising in udon noodles. A fully vegetarian restaurant, all udons are vegan. I highly recommend the Kitsune udon with sweet tofu skins, as well the kimchi side.

Vegan burger chain located in old town which is also available in other cities in Poland. Serves burgers, hotdogs, smoothies and more. I had the hot dog with chilli sauce and vegan mayo and it was great for only 11 zloty! Unfortunately I neglected to take a picture of this one because I was so hungry.

Vegano Cafe
Plant based cafe that serves coffee made with plant milks, vegan sandwiches and cakes also available. The cafe is decorated beautifully although it is rather small, so you may not find somewhere to sit if it is busy.

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